Need Help in Your Content Development, Management
& Marketing for Your Small Business?

Who Can I Help?

I am a content marketing extraordinaire that specializes in creating powerful and effective content for businesses and entrepreneurs. If you are an amazing company that wants to bring your knowledge, products, or services to the masses, I am your gal.

What Can I Do for you?

Do you have content needs? I have your content solutions:

  • Content management
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Editorial calendar creation & management
  • Content development
  • Content curation
  • Blog post/article writing and posting
  • SEO keyword research, writing, and editing
  • Email/newsletter marketing
  • KPI development and analysis
  • SOP development

Need an overall content strategy or review and analysis of your current one? Then my Content Strategy Audit is perfect for you.

What it includes:

  • Review and analysis of your current content strategy (if there is one), content calendar, website content, list and email/newsletter activity and metrics, and SEO implementation
  • 45-minute Zoom call to discuss my findings and recommendations and to address specific questions you may have
  • A write-up of recommendations and action plan
  • Discount on the first month of services if I am hired to implement the recommendations and plan

Price = $300
Book a 15-minute consult today!